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Alex has 20 years marketing experience working with both small and large companies. He also recently sold a business he co-founded, where he was Chief Marketing Officer running both the editorial and marketing functions covering: digital acquisition, performance marketing, CRM, brand strategy and analytics with strategy.

Alex's experience as Editor In Chief at The Idle Man saw him take their blog from nothing to one of the biggest fashion blogs in the world. He now uses this experience, to help companies build out their content marketing and brand positioning strategies. This includes doing full content audits, team training, customer personas, tracking & analytics, SEO research and building out the team.


"I had the pleasure to work with Alex during the last months. Alex comes with a deep knowledge of e-commerce and great marketing/strategy skills. He presents as a very amiable colleague with a strong focus on results. Terrific team player and excellent web expert, Alex is definitely a plus for any digital marketing or product management mission."

CTO at

"Having worked with Alex, it is very apparent that he is definitely an expert in his field. Alex has the ability to adapt the conventional ways of marketing into unique innovative directions when it comes to the world of digital media. It was a great pleasure to work closely with Alex on the project, and his passion to experiment alongside the creative team whilst contributing additional ideas, lead to a successful project outcome. On a personal note, Alex is a great guy to be around and is always positive company." 

Digital Creative Director at


"I've worked with Alex over the last year on a number of projects in the Bauer media portfolio and during that time he's been consistent in leading the way on strategic and creative digital thinking while also having the ability to align this with measurable KPI's that deliver on the objectives of a marketing brief. He manages this with a determined but affable approach that inspires confidence in the team around him."


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