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Mixpanel Customer Success Manager
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About me:

Andrew loves helping B2B founders & marketing teams combine media, technology & data to build effective sales & marketing systems that deliver revenue growth.

An expert at Mixpanel front end development, Andrew is an important part of our Mixpanel team here at Growth Division, being the Mixpanel Customer Success Manager.

As well as this, with expertise in paid social, paid search and landing page optimisation, Andrew is a true performance marketing expert. He is a strong believer in not just advertising to spend money on soft metrics like brand, impressions and clicks, but instead to advertise to acquire high Lifetime Value customers.


"Andrew has worked with us in various projects, guiding us through the entire process of setting up GTM(Google Tag Manager) and GA(Google Analytics) for some client´s sites, he always goes above and beyond to helping and advising us and the client on how to measure the right kpi´s effectivelly. We would highly recommend his services, as he can be a very valuable asset for any business that is looking to analyse and measure their marketing efforts" 

Toni Navarro, CEO, Toni Navarro Consulting


"Andrew is a delight to work with. His passion for the industry really shines through when he is creating campaigns and managing client accounts. One of the most well read and knowledgeable people I've had the pleasure to work with. He'd be an asset to any team." 

Samuel Hughes, Head of Digital, Journey9 UK Ltd

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