Benefits of joining the community:

 More reliable client acquisition and income

Increase your network ​of relevant contacts

Share knowledge and get help from other expert marketers

Earn 5% per project you refer to the community

Improve your reputation as a leading marketer

Requirements when joining

  • 3+ years of marketing experience in your field of expertise

  • 5+ positive client testimonials

  • 1+ client for us to speak to about your work

  • Proven ability to work effectively with distributed teams

 Cost of joining:

FREE MEMBERSHIP - £0 until you get a project

✅ Access to the Growth Division Slack Channel

When you get a project through Growth Division you automatically move up to the Expert Membership...

🌟 EXPERT MEMBERSHIP - £19 / month 🌟

✅ You've had a paid project through Growth Division

✅ You get yourself an email address

✅ You get a feature on the Growth Division Community Page

✅ You get your own Growth Division Landing Page

✅ You get to be an Expert on the Growth Division Tool Directory

Transparency over the monthly charge:

💰 The value the community delivers will bring you an ROI through: new clients, connections with people in the marketing industry that build your personal brand and shared knowledge


📊 It helps grow and regulate the community of expert marketers

📣 It helps regulates the content in the community to boost engagement


🤝 Paying helps incentivise engagement 


🚀 Payment will start when at the beginning your 3rd month after you sign up

🚫 Can be cancelled at any time

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