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About me:

Christine is the Director of Crocstar, a content marketing agency who make the complex simple by telling great stories. She has built an agency full of people who are truly passionate and knowledgeable about content.


They help their clients (who range from big public sector entities to smaller startups) to build out content strategy, tone of voice and brand guidelines. With that in place they can help with on-going content production, social media account management and training on how you should be writing online.


“Crocstar were brilliant at finding shareable content that our customers were able to relate to. We were especially pleased with the way that they were able to communicate with gamers. They also introduced ‘random acts of kindness’ - tweeting voucher codes to anyone having a bad day. This added personality to account, which helped us stand out in a busy market.”

Pizza Hut


“The Crocstar team were well prepared, engaging and real experts in their field. I was particularly impressed by the focus on user journeys and accessibility. It gave us plenty of ideas to take forward as a team.”


English Heritage

“Christine is an excellent mentor and trainer who inspired change with everybody who went on the training courses. Without Christine and the work she did with over 300 government agencies the change would not have happened. This was more than training – this was getting people to understand why user needs are so important and how to write quality content to meet user needs.”


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