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About me:

Jes provides marketing consultancy for projects and brands that excite her, particularly on social media marketing and content creation. She freelances to start-ups, small businesses and agencies, and loves to build beautiful brands.

She particularly loves working within sustainable fashion and has implemented social media strategies to grow a number of brands within this industry including; ethical fashion rating app, Good On You, and sustainable fashion business platform, Common Objective.

Jes can help you with:

Project Management
Social Media Strategy & Management
Content Creation (Blog/Social)


“Jes possesses those rare skills of enthusiasm, talent and the determination to take her anywhere she wishes in the marketing industry. This combined with her ability to manage projects and direct creative campaigns will stand her in good stead throughout her career.”

Director at Any Gilmore Brand

"Jes was instrumental in developing Ignite's network and reputation within the private sector. Jes' role also entailed sole responsibility for Ignites Social media and internet presence, a role in which Jes was particularly effective. This resulted in a significant increase in our web traffic over a course of three months." 

Manager at ACC

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