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About me:

After working in the structured consultancy market for over 5 years, Juan Pablo matured into a completely de-structured, objective-oriented creative director working for iPhoideas. Being an engineer with experience in consultancy makes JP a rare creature with a complex set of skills.

With an acute business sense and fluent technical grammar, JP is able to successfully communicate with both business and technology to orchestrate a successful solution. Juan has been immersed in a diverse client ecosystem; designing and delivering successful digital products for companies such as HBO, Diesel, Beazley, GE, Univision, Yell, Ford, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, Sony, Hanson, SEI, Maersk, Hanson and ESPN among others.

As Yolion's UK CEO, JP is leading the team to deliver a digital value proposition designed to help consumers optimise their spending. We do this not by compulsively reducing spend but by getting the most out of money for the product and services each consumer finds valuable and align with their values. 


"I contacted JP about helping Maersk conceive and deliver an industry-leading mobile-first solution to digitize our offering. JP not only dedicated himself to the task with expertise, passion and energy, he also delivered a product vision and release roadmap that enabled us to deploy a user-centric product that integrated with our existing systems and supported our long-term goals. The project has been a success and I can recommend anyone looking to transform their processes to consult with JP and his team."


Senior Product Manager at Maersk Line

 "Working with Who's Fabio? changed our strategic direction and was a major cause of our growth this year. We're much clearer about the problem we're solving and how to convey this to our customers."​

CEO & Founder of Ordoo

“Pre launch, Who's Fabio? did a series of jobs to be done work with us which was hugely important in galvanising our proposition. In recent months we have done further jobs to be done work under Who's Fabio?'s expert guidance which is now feeding into our next crucial stage of development. Who's Fabio?'s is thorough, inspiring and has a touch of genius, which helps us approach things differently and better.​"

Founder of Giki

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