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About me:

Formerly a forensic psychology major, and now an award-winning business owner and award-winning author of Hack The Buyer Brain, Kenda is a true automation ninja.


She founded Automation Ninjas, whose mission is to help forward-thinking businesses get better quality leads, that convert better for happier customers that spend more. The key to this is combining buyer psychology and marketing automation.

Kenda helps businesses understand what their consumers want, when to show up and how to speak to them. She then builds customer journeys that give better quality customers that stick around for longer, and spend more!


"Kenda is a true automation ninja! It has been great to collaborate with her on content and her expertise in email marketing was very useful for the launch of my online courses. I would recommend Kenda and her team for the ambitious professionals that are looking to automate their mailing lists into the 21st century!" 


Somi Arian, Co-Founder, Career Drive


"Working with Kenda is refreshing because she understands the buyers brain - and has been incredibly helpful in not only helping me automate my business - but ensure the content I provide my clients is valuable to them. If you want to increase the number of clients you attract and create repeat purchases I would encourage you to work with Kenda and her Ninja team as soon as possible." 


Peter Drimmie, CEO, The Business Strategy Company

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