ActiveCampaign's sales CRM with automation makes it easy to keep track of contacts.

ActiveCampaign is one of the leading B2C “CRMs”. I say “CRM” because it’s more of a marketing automation tool than what most people think when they visualise a CRM. It has pipeline functionality, tasks and the ability to see emails and activity on contacts, but as a Sales CRM it falls very short of what a salesperson will need in their day-to-day.

Having said that, as an automation tool and a B2C CRM (that doesn’t need the sales tools B2B sales people need) it is in a league of its own. ActiveCampaign easily connects up to your website, allowing you to track what people are doing on your site, then from this you can create highly dynamic and complex automations.

Growth Division Overview:

B2C businesses, especially ones with eCommerce sites. You can easily integrate with Shopify or WooCommerce to track customer spend and what customers are doing on your site, this allows you to set-up workflows that automatically engage and nurture them.

ActiveCampaign is great for setting up on-boarding flows and nurture flow, with highly customisable workflows. You can also utilise their web form feature to capture leads, then nurture them.

Who should use it:
Why you should use it:

Setting up automations that engage customers with personalised, timely messages is a simple task in ActiveCampaign. You can set-up automations such as: abandon cart messaging, engaging customers who visit certain product pages to encourage them to buy, suggesting alternative products based off customer website behaviour and much, much, more.

Compare ActiveCampaign with alternatives like Hubspot you'll see it's considerably cheaper, and yet the automation capabilities are more advanced. The workflows are highly dynamic and customisable.

Why other solutions might be better:

As mentioned in the Overview section other CRM's have better "CRM" functionality, so if you do have a salesperson, or if you need more advance pipeline features than a simple pipeline then Hubspot might be a better alternative.

Furthermore ActiveCampaign's UI/UX is appalling and very slow, which is frustrating, and surprising for such a well-renowned software. However there is a reason its well-know, it is super powerful for automating your engagements with, and tracking the actions of your customers.

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Integrations: Zapier Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Pipedrive,, Slack

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