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Email Validation and Verification, Email Checker and Bulk Verify Tool. Using DeBounce remove invalid, disposable, spam-trap, syntax and deactivated emails.

Debounce is an email validation tool that reduces the number of bounces you get on your email campaigns by finding emails that are non-existent, deactivated or spam traps. By reducing the number of bounces your campaigns get you reduce the chance of spoiling your email domain reputation and getting higher open rates and better deliverability on your campaigns.

Debounces utilises Domain Validation, Syntax Verifier, Spam-Trap Removal and Email De-duplication tools to check the validity and test the email addresses to avoid your emails bouncing.

Growth Division Overview:

Anyone running mass outbound email campaigns should definitely be using an email validation checking tool. We’d also recommend anyone sending out emails to large contact databases, but who don’t regularly send emails to them. It’s always worth checking your email database to ensure you’re only sending to valid email addresses.

Who should use it:
Why you should use it:

From our experience at Growth Division, Debounce is one of the more reliable and accurate email checking tools. It categorises emails according to if they are Deliverable, Invalid, Catch all (info@ etc.) or Unknown (the server cannot be reached). At Growth Division we are strict about only sending to the safe to send “Deliverable” addresses.

Debounce integrates with a bunch of tools and has an restless API meaning it’s really easy to plug into the existing tools you use and automate the email validation processes.

Debounce is also one of the cheaper email validation tools on the market.

Why other solutions might be better:

Some email sending tools have built in email validation checkers (like Reply and some CRMs) so it’s just easier to use those tools. However, on the whole we can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t use Debounce, or why you’d use another tool!

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