Freshsales is the CRM tool within the Freshworks toolbox, it encompasses email, phone, event tracking and automation capabilities enabling sales teams to be efficient and effective in their day-to-day selling.

Freshsales is part of the Freshworks suite of tools, an Indian-based company that has grown quickly over the last few years through its popular Freshdesk customer service software and Freshsales the CRM software.  Growth Division has recommended Freshsales as a CRM of choice to many businesses in the last few years due to the simple, easy to use UI and due to the breadth of functionality they offer even in the lower tiers (although that has gotten worse over time).

Growth Division Overview:

Freshsales has all the functionality you could want from a CRM, but of course many of those features are in the higher pricing tiers. Having said this, I recommend Freshsales a lot to B2B startups as a great entry-option CRM. On it's lower tiers it is cheap for small teams (it is pay-per-user) and even in lower tiers you still get features like multiple pipelines, lead scoring, workflow automations and a large number of customisable fields. This makes it a great starting point, but it will also have the functionality as you grow and need more features.

Who should use it:
Why you should use it:

For small teams looking to scale up and organise their sales and marketing efforts Freshsales is a great option as it's easy to integrate into your existing set-up and people who use it report back positive experiences. The support you get with Freshsales, irrespective of your pricing tier, is excellent. The support team are super helpful, friendly and quick to respond to any queries. 

Why other solutions might be better:

Like all CRMs on the market, you might find yourself restricted by not having functionality that is in other tiers, for example the reporting in the lower pricing tiers is very poor. If you want to be tracking what people are doing on your website you need to be on the 3rd highest pricing tier, so pricing increases quickly. 

Furthermore, there are some annoying UX issues that can be a bit nagging, like having to write in a new property entry then click on the word to enter it into the system (small but annoying).

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