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GetProspect is a tool that allows you to search for prospect data, utilising LinkedIn’s network data. With most of your prospects on LinkedIn it can be a very powerful tool if used well. You can find name data, company data, the lead’s LinkedIn URL, their business email, job title, and even details such as the company description, industry and size.

You can search using a variety of different search methods, from using the in-build search tool to scraping LinkedIn using the GetProspect Chrome extension, or searching on Sales Navigator and scraping the results.

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If you’re running B2B outbound sales efforts this is a great tool to cheaply and quickly get new lead data to target. As you get both the prospect’s LinkedIn URL and their email address you can easily target prospects across multiple channels.

The fact you can search using LinkedIn and Sales Navigator’s search functions allows you to find relevant prospect data based off certain criteria. So if you’re looking for data that matches your customer personas this tool is perfect for you.

Who should use it:
Why you should use it:

GetProspect is a standout tool for prospect data gathering due to the speed it can deliver you results and the relatively low price ($49 for 1000 leads is the lowest paid tier). If you compare this to outsourcing your data collection to an agency or virtual assistant it’s considerably cheaper and way quicker.

The tool’s capability to utilise LinkedIn and Sales Navigator’s search functions makes it a flexible tool that can deliver very specific results. For example you might want to target people who are “like” certain things, so you could filter on Sales Navigator to leads who are part of certain LinkedIn groups. Or you could filter to companies that use certain technologies, then scrape the lead data for specific job titles in that company.

Why other solutions might be better:

Sometimes the scrapes from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator searches don’t deliver email addresses, which can be a limitation. You can use the in-built search function in GetProspect to ensure you always get emails, but this does narrow the results you get.

It’s certainly not a perfect tool, and you will need to make sure you further validate emails you retrieve via GetProspect as bounce rates can still be high. The tool does have a status that verifies the likelihood of the email address being real, but we always double check this with an email validation tool.

There are more tools out there now that deliver phone numbers too (this is another limitation of GetProspect’s search results).

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