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Intercom is a customer engagement tool that enables businesses to automated engagements with their prospects or customers, encouraging them to respond or take certain actions. Responses filter through to an easy to manage collaborative inbox that allows you to reply with articles, templated replies or custom responses.

The tool can either be used as a lead generation chatbot on your website (to engage visitors, collect their data and qualify them automatically through a sequence of questions), or it can be used as an engagement or support tool on an application/site. Intercom will help you save time on customer enquiries through automation and it can help increase engagement with your product and brand.

Growth Division Overview:

If you’re starting to scale up and getting more customer support requests Intercom is a great option to have as a support system. It will allow you to build FAQs, standardised responses and automatically point people to the right articles so they can “self-serve” their support enquiry.

It’s also a great option if you’re looking to automatically engage website visitors and qualify them. You can set-up custom chatbots to save your sales team time and ensure you don’t miss out on capturing lead data.

It’s also great if you’re looking to automate your product onboarding or support. Intercom’s powerful chat tool can integrate with your product or site, gather data on your customers and engage them in a personalised, timely manner.

Who should use it:
Why you should use it:

When people think of online chat tools Intercom is very often the one that is top of mind. There is a reason for that, Intercom has developed a really easy to set-up, easy to use product that can be customised in many ways.

Intercom should always be a consideration when you’re looking to automate your website or application chat feature, their Chatbot feature is great! And if you have a large team of people who need access to Intercom it’s worth considering with its advanced team inbox, saved replies, priority rules, articles and snooze features.

Why other solutions might be better:

If you’re just looking for a simple website chat feature Intercom might be a bit of overkill, especially considering the price relative to other website chat options. It also lacks functionality other chat features have, such as the ability to see what people are doing when you’re speaking with them, and even the ability to control their screen.

Intercom does integrate with lots of tools, which is great, but if your CRM comes with a chat feature built-in, I’d probably recommend using that for simplicities sack, of not having loads of tools.

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