Pipedrive is a CRM build with salespeople in mind. The founders made Pipedrive a tool that helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done. They knew from experience that in sales, as in life, you can’t control your results – but you can control your actions. So, they created Pipedrive around activity-based selling, a proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing and tracking activities.

Pipedrive is a mid-tier CRM offering enterprise level functionality. The platform helps you manage your sales pipeline visually, keep records of your customers and prospects, and set reminders for when to contact them. It connects well with a range of other sales and marketing platforms to become part of your growth stack. Ultimately it’s a platform for helping your sales team become more effective by managing their day to day tasks, as well as being useful for internal reporting on sales performance, and with forecasting.

Growth Division Overview:

Pipedrive is aimed at the SME market, mainly for B2B companies with a significant direct client sales function. Sales teams use the platform to manage pipelines and monitor performance of their outbound activities. They also use it to set tasks and to prompt themselves to make calls and contact specific prospects and customers. Management teams can use the tool to monitor the performance of their sales teams individually and as a whole. The reporting functionality allows you to see things like numbers of calls and emails being sent, close rates, and the true value of your pipeline. It’s not as good as some other CRMs when it comes to integrating with marketing automation platforms, and for use by large sales teams.

Who should use it:
Why you should use it:

The visual pipeline is a big plus point for Pipedrive; allowing you to quickly assess the health of your pipeline, and to focus on the deals which are at the most critical points in the process. Alongside this the productivity tools around tasks and reminders are great, for instance there is an automated pop-up which forces you to set a follow up task for each contact, which helps to ensure that no contact is left untouched, and no deal is left to stagnate. It’s often seen as a ‘fast follower’ to Hubspot, so you tend to see Hubspot role out functionality which then appears in Pipedrive shortly afterwards, assuming it’s useful of course.

Why other solutions might be better:

The most common comparison for Pipedrive, as mentioned above, is Hubspot. If you’re just looking to use the CRM features then a side by side comparison with Hubspot is hard because Hubspot is free for the most basic version, but Pipedrive does have some additional features which you only get with the paid version of Hubspot. Hubspot becomes relatively expensive very quickly once you start scaling users and use of feasures. That said; if you’re going to be investing in sophisticated inbound lead gen activities then Hubspot is probably the platform for you. But for those with a more simple sales process Pipedrive offers everything you will need at an affordable price.

Free version: Yes

Website: https://www.pipedrive.com/

Growth Division Stack: N/A

Integrations: PieSync, ActiveCampaign, Reply.io, Hubspot, Zapier, Slack, Gmail

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