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Startup Growth Expert
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About me:

4 years experience growing SaaS & marketplaces at seed, hypergrowth, and post-IPO stage, both in B2B and consumer space. I can help you building and implementing a holistic growth system across acquisition, retention, and monetization.



"Matteo's enthusiasm and unswerving perseverance was a key feature of his success in his roles at Quiqup. He is also tirelessly curious and willing to do the research, go the extra mile to get an edge in whatever his task at the time. He is always professional and respectful, injecting a contagious dynamism into those he works with. Highly recommended."


Ben Morris (Head of Operations at Flyt)

"Matteo's drive and hard-working spirit make him a pleasure to be in a team with. I say that because, despite reporting directly to him, he worked tirelessly to foster a friendly, collaborative work environment where I felt we were a solid team rather than the traditional manager-employee structure. He helped me grow rapidly at both a professional and personal level; something for which I will forever be grateful." -


John-Henry Cooper (Growth Hacker at Growth Minds)

"Matteo is a true startup marketer - he's driven by data, makes the most out of what he has, and work relentlessly to his goals. His passion, structured thinking and knowledge of growth marketing allowed him to build a fast-learning and motivated team, making a significant impact on Homie's user acquisition and laying the foundations for the company growth."


Alexander Eid (CEO Homie)

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