The number of people turning to freelancing as a full-time profession is rapidly on the rise, with younger generations leading the charge towards a more flexible and rewarding work life.

We see a world where freelancing is the ultimate career goal, and collaboration amongst freelancers helps reduce the risks for the Freelancer, and improves end results for their Clients.





Growth Division helps marketing freelancers achieve a more reliable income through increasing their network and client base through our collaborative community.


Talk to any freelancer and ask them what their biggest risk or problem is, they will tell you instability of income and the fear of not getting the next client locked in.

Talk to anyone who wants to become a freelancer and ask them what is holding them back from taking the leap, the answer will be the risk of not getting enough clients.



Growth Division is a community of expert marketers, each member is a specialist their own part of the marketing funnel: Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

Each member has their own network of clients and prospective clients that they share with the community as and when relevant projects come up that they can't personally service. Sharing projects is incentivised through referral fees and the chance for reciprocity.

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