• Tom Dewhurst

Expand your reach with digital PR

Who are we talking to?

At AGY47 we’re experts in growing sales using paid search and paid social media for specialist ecommerce brands. We pride ourselves on working with clients in a transparent way to understand your objectives and develop strategies that create real results.

Which growth channel are we talking about today?

Digital PR

Describe this channel to someone who’s never done it before?

Digital PR is the process of building good quality links to a website whilst building the awareness of a brand.

What frameworks have you used?

At AGY47 we use a SOSTAC framework to manage the approach to all of our client accounts. This framework allows us to plan to execute short and long term strategies.

Can you share any relevant case studies or projects?

Hello Fresh Case Study

Any challenging projects?

Without naming names, we have had several projects in the past which did not go the way they should have. One in particular springs to mind for a startup FMCG brand, they were approaching the channel in the same way they were approaching PPC, trying to assign unrealistic and unmeasurable KPIs. In addition, the client wanted us to take an unethical route with our tactics which we weren’t prepared to do, for example buying links.

Top 3: mistakes to avoid?

  1. Buying links

  2. Planning a creative campaign without a strategy to get links with the idea

  3. Talking about the brand too much in creative campaigns - you won't get traction

Top 3: Businesses nailing this channel?

  1. The Toy Zone - they have fantastically relevant contextual links going to their site

  2. HelloFresh - for obvious reasons

  3. Zoopla - always getting coverage and clever use of data

Top 3: KPIs?

  • Follow links

  • Authority of a link

  • Relevancy of a site

Top 3: tools for this channel?

  • Buzzstream - this is a project management tool essentially, but for campaigns. All data is in here, all our emails are sent here and we track performance from here

  • Ahrefs - crucial for measurement and reporting

  • Twitter - not a tool as such but for someone trying to make a start with Digital PR, the community on Twitter is excellent for giving tips and insight

Top 3: tips and hacks for this channel?

  • Understand the news cycle and also understand the kind of stories journalists want to cover, really simple this but people forget it and often create campaigns that in theory are great but journalists aren't interested for whatever reason

  • Use data on your campaigns to tell the story. Without data, often stories lack authority and credibility. Data allows for a story to be told more powerfully and often is the difference between getting coverage, or not.

  • Don't become fixated on huge campaigns that go viral, they are rare. Consistently delivering strong performance with campaigns that build great links at a steady rate - this will ultimately affect performance positively long term, rather than one viral campaign

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