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From Psychology to Marketing Automation, Learn from Kenda Macdonald

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Who are we talking to?

Kenda Macdonald - Formerly a forensic psychology major, and now an award-winning business owner and award-winning author of Hack The Buyer Brain, Kenda is a true automation ninja.

She founded Automation Ninjas, whose mission is to help forward-thinking businesses get better quality leads, that convert better for happier customers that spend more. The key to this is combining buyer psychology and marketing automation.

Kenda helps businesses understand what their consumers want, when to show up and how to speak to them. She then builds customer journeys that give better quality customers that stick around for longer, and spend more!​

Which growth channel are we talking about today?

Email, social and any comms platform

Describe this channel to someone who’s never done it before?

Marketing automation

What frameworks have you used?

Buyer psychology and neuroscience plus lifecycle marketing. Specifically attention theory, the purchase formula and framing around decision making. Then how that is used to get attention, buy-in and customer journeys that build higher converting relationships.

Can you share any relevant case studies or projects?

Great lead nurture is case in point for the purchase formula, and a good example of the success it has is here.  While specific to Infusionsoft by Keap, a great example of understanding the journey and behaviour within it to massive effect is here. James didn’t understand his audience very well. Once we were clear on what they were looking for and what was being paid attention to we did awesome things for him.

Top 3: mistakes to avoid?

  1. Getting caught up in behaviour gimmicks - It’s not about this bias, or that hack - it’s about understanding the process and making sure you have processes and systems in place to cater to that.

  2. Track behaviour, and use that information - Don’t get so caught up in thinking about how they’re thinking and always trying to stay a step ahead, that you forget about the physical behaviour they are displaying. Interactions with content, clicks and even lack of behaviour are just as important as understanding how brains work. Their behaviour tells you their intent, what they like, what’s a problem and what they are interested in. That’s gold.

  3. Work to a structure - It’s incredibly difficult to track behaviour, data, get the most out of your automation and craft a customer journey without a plan and a structure. Lifecycle marketing works incredibly well to ensure you’ve covered every step of the way and that you’re planning for success.

Top 3: key KPIs?

  1. Engagement

  2. If this then that

  3. Negative behaviours

Top 3: tools for this channel?

  1. Customer journey planning tools like LucidChart or UXpressia

  2. Marketing Automation tool that allows you to track behaviour and communicate based on that behaviour (especially after opt-in) like Infusionsoft

  3. Google data studio to pull data together from different sources

Top 3: tips and hacks for this channel?

  1. Consistency is key

  2. Quality over quantity

  3. Start simple, automate cleverly

For clients, what are the pro's and con's of working with Growth Division marketing experts?

We know exactly how to implement these strategies.

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