For many B2B businesses sales is a key part of the growth engine. That's where Sales Division comes in.

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The Sales Division Process

We can help with every aspect of the sales cycle. We can bring in sales development experts to execute on cold calling, through to qualification and even fielding sales calls to close deals.


Our sales development experts experience range from VP of Sales for global corporates to boots on the ground sales people.

Lead Nurturing

Do you need help with optimising your sales process or executing on sales?

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Why you'd engage with Sales Division:

  • You're entering new markets (geographically or target-segment)


  • You need to hit your sales targets

  • You're introducing a new product/service that requires different sales skills to what you have in house

How does it work?

1. ​Growth Division Strategy Workshop - to understand your existing marketing channels and how (or if) sales fits into your strategy. This workshop gives us a deeper understanding of your business & product/service.

2. Existing Sales Process Deep Dive - we'll review your existing sales process set-up and work with sales and marketing leaders to understand your Ideal Customer Profile, diagnose the areas of greatest need, and prescribe solutions needed to run a successful outbound campaign.

3. Sales & Marketing Stack creation/optimisation - we'll recommend and set-up any tools that would complement or enhance your existing sales set-up.

4. Start Selling - once the sales infrastructure is in place we can get on the phones and start selling!

5. Sales Process Documentation & OptimisationAs we set appointments for your team, we will develop, document and refine all aspects of your sales process specific to your company, industry, target market and product.


✅ We find and contact prospects for you, filling your team’s calendar with qualified sales meetings


✅ Using proven, data-driven outbound demand generation techniques, we handle everything for you from identifying decision-makers, finding contact info, enriching CRM data, building account lists, contacting prospects using personalized sales messaging, creating customized and setting sales appointments for your team to close.


✅ We will help you turn a pipeline into a mighty pipeline river. And we’ll do it FAST – in weeks, not quarters.


✅ We do not only help on lead generation – we are your key strategic partners to make sure outbound sales is one of the most successful revenue streams for your company.

✅ We will empower you to grow with proven tools and processes

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Some of the Sales Division Team:

Kim Than

Growth Division's

Head of Sales

Dennis Hettema

Sales Development


Jack Thompson

Business Development


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