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About me:

Tom is a Google Analytics Implementation Expert. He helps businesses and managers maintain their Google Analytics Account. He helps to audit and troubleshoot website tracking to ensure you are able to accurately analyse the data.

Responsible for maintaining and developing website analytics. Tom uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to deliver digital metrics. Also, he will produce custom reports and dashboards from a range of digital sources.


"Thank you so much Tom for your time, expertise, and professionalism. Working with you is a pleasure. You are reliable, trustworthy and patient when explaining how things work. I’ll be happy to recommend you to anyone who requires the service you provide."


Founder, Truly Boldly You

"The whole process has given me an insight into what I need to do differently next time and how tracking could help me grow my business. I’m planning a campaign to launch my 1-year programme soon, and as it’s a campaign I’m likely to run repeatedly, I can now see that having feedback on my marketing would be valuable when running it again. " 

Founder, Book-Launch Your Business

"I can see that with your help we will get significantly better quality information and data to make much more informed decisions about what adverts to run."

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