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Customer Engagement Consultant
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About me:

Tristan helps companies to scale their revenue by optimising and automating their sales and marketing processes. In practice this involves:

  • Sales Process Design,

  • CRM Implementation

  • Marketing Tech Stack integrations

  • Sales & Marketing automations

  • Customer Engagement optimisations

His experience helping run and grow tech start-ups, along with designing, implementing and optimising sales processes in various companies, has made him an invaluable asset for any company looking to scale their revenue through process automation.


"Tristan has been instrumental in delivering a new avenue for downloads of the ClickSit app. He’s built and executed on successful sales campaigns with key learnings and processes to take forward to help us scale. He’s also helped automate some core internal processes to drive engagement in the product, enhance efficiency and save us time.”


Thomas Hill, CEO & Founder of Clicksit

“Tristan has done a superb job here at Oddbox. He led the set-up of our customer service system, as well as our B2B sales process. We now have a fully automated inbound lead capture and conversion process in place, as well as automation tools that save the Oddbox team time every day!”

Deepak Ravindran, Founder of Oddbox

“Tristan has led the creation of our wholesale sales process. He has built up the infrastructure and created an automated system that brings us new business. We’ve been running email campaigns with 40% click rates and 15% reply rates and new sales are coming in. Managing our wholesale relationships is now quick and easy through some very clever automations and processes!”

Katie Owen, Founder of Sargasso & Grey

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