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Tristan Gillen

Founding Partner

Having worked in the Business Intelligence unit for Europe's largest tech distributor, Tristan had had enough of corporate life (despite acquiring some serious analytical skills).


He joined Tom in the founding team of Ordoo, where he headed up sales and marketing. Moving on from Ordoo Tristan consulted over 20 different startups on their CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Honing his ability to create killer martech stacks.

🌎 Budapest



Founding Partner

Tom is an entrepreneur and founder through and through. His first business as a teenager had him flogging child identification cards to mums in his local parks!


After a stint at Vodafone and Accenture, Tom was determined to set up another business. As CEO of Ordoo he's built his strategic thinking and outstanding project leader. Tom knows a thing or two about raising money, building operations, growing demand and leading teams. 

🌎 London



Partner & Head of Sales

Kim has worked in different business development and sales roles at companies such as  Patsnap, a Sequoia Capital backed SaaS company, Fintricity Consulting, Rocket Internet’s HelloFresh as an early employee and Early Metrics, the first rating agency for startups. 


He's a killer salesperson with experience selling into businesses of all size from startups to corporates.

🌎 Paris

Growth Division is also made up of our expert marketing community. Click below to view their profiles...

"The community sitting around the fireplace in 10 years time swapping stories about the companies we've built..."

Here's a short timeline of our history...

Our Story




Tom and Tristan meet at Costa

Tom had recently founded Ordoo, a mobile pre-order and payment app for coffee shops, lunch spots and bars.


The app was installed at Costa on the University of Bath Campus... where Tristan helped run the coffee shop.


Ordoo grows in the South West

More and more food and drink retailers were signing up to Ordoo. Tom was starting to raise some serious cash for the business. Tristan helped develop an automated loyalty reward system that was helping drive app usage.


This prompted a move to London for the team.

Festival nightmare

The Ordoo team were busy testing different verticles, including ordering at festivals to skip bar queues... lack of signal, bad weather and an app crash highlighted this test as a low point in T&T's journey.




Successful strategic pivot

T&T realised a poor CAC:LTV ratio pointed in only one direction... the business model was not working. This lead to a pivot to a B2B2C play which drove new revenue and opportunities.

Our Vision


Tristan leaves Ordoo

Other opportunities come up for Tristan to build sales processes and set-up CRMs, this leads Tristan to start his own consultancy business.



Strategy Account Manager 

Fiona is a dynamic and experienced marketer, having worked as Marketing Manager at Cirrus Inns and then moved to Head of Marketing for Galvin restaurants.


She has experience working in marketing strategy & planning and is an experienced project manager, having managed teams of internal and outsourced marketing experts.

🌎 Belgium



Strategy Account Manager

Ollie is a senior marketing strategist with proven experience in executing on high-performing growth strategies on both agency-side for his clients and on the front line as Head of Marketing in a startup.


When Ollie is involved in a project you can be sure you're going to get 100% commitment to reaching your growth targets.

🌎 Canterbury

Tom builds Ordoo

He oversees a digital transformation of the product alongside new CTO Adam. Continuing to test new channels to market and new approaches to growth Ordoo expands it's customer base across the UK.



Tristan's CRM consulting

Learning new skills and tools along the way Tristan helps over 20 different startups over the course of 1 year to build and implement new CRM and Sales strategies. By doing this he hones his marketing skills and exposure. Plus he gets to work remotely around the world!




Onwards and upwards

T&T are passionate about learning how to build high growth companies and have already started working with some of our favourite startups including SeedLegals, Oddbox, Offset Earth and Startups.com.

Growth Division is formed!

T&T are reunited as a killer team. Taking experiences from running Ordoo and from other startups, they built their own growth framework focused on testing different marketing channels using experts.

Kim joins Growth Division

As Growth Division scale their operations T&T need help to build out a new part of the business, Sales Division. And there isn't someone better to head that up than Kim Than.

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